Soundcore Frame Cafe.

In my first review under Appetite For Tech since the early 2000’s we have these very interesting and smart, well… smart frames from one of my primary contributors, Soundcore. Let’s see what I make of them…

Pictured here are the Frame Promenade.

Soundcore has not paid or sponsored me for this review.
This is an unbiased review and the views and opinions in this publication are my own.
I’d like to thank Lorna & Soundcore for kindly sending the Frames out to Appetite For Tech for review & for their patience and generosity.

They currently retail at £149.99 and you can find them by following this link:

Note: the Frames are currently out of stock at the time of me writing this review.

Review equipment and software:
Soundcore Frame Cafe.
Soundcore Cafe, Wander, & Landmark style frames.
Samsung Galaxy Note Ten+.
iPhone XS Max.
Qobuz Studio Premier.
Apple Music.
Apple TV+, Amazon Prime, Netflix, Crunchyroll, Youtube, Passionflix, Disney+ & Paramount+ streaming networks.

Music & other media:
Various Hi-Res music from both Qobuz and Apple Music.
A plethora of movies, episodes and more from various streaming networks.

What’s in the box:

1. Cloth.
2. Front Frame.
3. Audio Temples.
4. Charging Cable.
5. Case.

Specs: ( Pardon the pun! )

Open-Ear Sound Experience:
Soundcore Frames has 4 speakers and a custom audio processor to deliver clear, immersive sound to the space around your ears. Enjoy your favorite music while maintaining awareness of your surroundings.
Tap to Call:
Simply tap the audio temple to answer calls. Dual microphones pick up your voice clearly over background noises and Privacy mode automatically activates to stop people around you overhearing your calls.
Wide Range of Styles:
Soundcore Frames audio smart glasses has a detachable front frame so you can switch between polarized sunglasses and blue-light filtering designs whenever you want.
Lightweight and Comfortable Fit:
Flexible hinges ensure Soundcore Frames Cafe audio smart glasses fit a wider range of faces. Frame Width: 144mm, Lens Width: 52mm, Bridge Width: 20mm, Temple Length: 140mm. Try on virtually via the Soundcore app.
Extended Playtime:
A single charge of Soundcore Frames audio smart glasses gives you up to 5.5 hours of listening—enough to keep you entertained while you hike, run errands, do chores, and more.
You can choose to buy Soundcore Frames as a complete set with audio temples or as an individual front frame.

Build & finish.
If you’ve read my audiophile blog ( shameless plug right there. ) you’ll know that I’m no stranger to Soundcore products.
Up until now, I’ve had nothing but good things say about them as a brand and their excellent build and quality control.
This review is no different.
From the packaging to the accessories and the main product itself, the Soundcore Frames and everything that comes with them are manufactured to the highest standard with a superb finish.
The materials used are robust and the aesthetics are fantastic, considering the price point.
I really can’t praise them enough in this regard!
A few things that I really like about the frames are the easy way in which they disconnect, allowing for quick and easy hot-swappable frames.
The audio “temples” are obviously thicker than a regular glasses frame due to the electronics and speakers housed within, however, in pictures further down you will see that they really aren’t that much bigger than my pair of RayBan reading glasses.
I also love the case and how it can be folded up when not in use, making it very compact and easy to store in either your pocket, handbag or backpack.
The charging cable is easy to use and packs away neatly, not taking up much space at all.
My only bother is extra frame storage.
If Soundcore took one idea from this review it would be this:
Please design a case that has a slim pocket for one pair of frames.
This way I have a protective space for my reading frames while I am using the sunglasses.
And that is the only complaint I have.

Software & functionality:
The Frames use Soundcore’s companion app, which I already have installed for use with other Soundcore products that I either own or have been allowed to keep.
I really like that I don’t need have a million different apps for products from the same brand. It keeps things simple and organised!
The app itself is available for Android and iOS and is straight forward to use.
As you can see in the spec sheet above, the frames have a number of functions that they are capable of.
And they do every one of them well!
The built in speakers do a great job of reproducing audio, whether it be music or from other multi-media.
Though don’t expect thumping bass or an “audiophile” experience. It’s not their forte and quite honestly not what I believe they are designed for.
I find I use them when I’m reading in bed and want some soft ambient music in the background without having to wear cumbersome headphones, IEM’s or having my speakers on in the late to early hours.
I also use them for viewing movies when I want some decent background audio that doesn’t drown out background noise, so I don’t miss phone calls on the landline or deliveries.
Using them for phone calls or alongside your voice assistant of choice is a good experience and they work really well in both situations.
From the times I have made calls I have been told that the mics are clean sounding and my voice comes through loud and clear.
The touch controls are easy to use and so far I haven’t had any issues with them.
All in all they have become a very useful tool in my day to day life. Having the option of sunglasses or reading glasses is brilliant, especially at this time of year.

I thought that being heavier due to the internal electronics, the frames would be uncomfortable, this isn’t so.
I was able to wear them for 3 and a half hours until I needed to take them off for a few minutes rest.

Final thoughts:
A fantastic and affordable introduction into the relatively new world of Smart Glasses.
Although they lack any form of on-screen tech or built in cameras, the use of audio, both ways and the hot-swappable nature of the frames makes these glasses stand firmly above any regular glasses.
As I mentioned above the app is easy to install and use and is available on Android AND iOS.
The bluetooth connection is very stable and I experienced zero drop outs.
For £149.99, with extra frames only costing an extra £32.99, you can’t grumble at all.
Personally I love these Smart Glasses & I can’t wait to see what the next iteration have in store…

Thank you so much for your time and for being patient with Appetite For Tech while we get back on our feet again after so many years of downtime.

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